Vera Wang's Audrey

Who doesn't love Vera Wang?

Personally, I've always been a huge fan of Monique L'huillier (I absolutely LOVE her Scarlet dress!) but when I first saw Vera Wang's Audrey from her 2007 Luxe Collection, I fell in love with it immediately. When I tried it on, it left me breathless because the amount of detail and craftsmanship on this beautiful creation is incredible. Love at first sight, just like my soon-to-be hubby.

Isn't she lovely? Unfortunately, Vera Wang's Luxe Collection costs anywhere between CAD7,500 - 14,000 (Audrey's price tag is around CAD14,500 for brand new or CAD6,500 for used) so this beauty doesn't come at a cheap price but perhaps if a few of us are lucky, we may be able to snag one of 8,900 Vera Wang's "The Romanticist" Barbie doll from Barbie's 2008 Gold Label Collection.

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