Jennifer Behr - Hair Accessories

My mother always used to tell me when I was growing up that I look much smarter with my front hair pulled back. She would either clip a hair pin to hold my bangs in place or hand me a hairband for me to wear. I used to hate having my front hair pulled away from my face. Little did she know that I took out the hair pin or the hairband as soon as I was inside the school.

But now that I am much older and wiser, I am beginning to notice how beautiful some hair accessories can be if worn appropriately and properly. While browsing online for potential hair pieces to wear on my wedding day, I came across Jennifer Behr's seductively ethereal and romantic headpieces:

Most of her head-turning pieces are priced at over CAD200.00 (and there are so many beautiful choices!) but how priceless would this gorgeous hairband look on a blushing bride? I wouldn't dare take this one off.

Jennifer Behr - Nerissa (CAD625.00)

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