Trumpette - Baby Gift Boutique

Buying a gift for a child has become so much more complex in this materialistic world in which we reside. But there are some good websites out there dedicated to feeding our addiction for brand names and fashion even for newborns and toddlers. I came across Trumpette, a baby gift boutique that sells extremely cute items (mostly socks, tights and shoes) that you may not find in your local stores. Here are some of my favourite picks:

Metallic Mocs - (USD31.50)

Silly Soles - (USD38.50)
Toddler Jenny Golf - (USD29.50)


Enveloppe Sofa

Is it a bed or a sofa? A bit of both it seems.
Enveloppe Sofa is designed by Inga Sempe and mimics a bed with pillows. This fluffy and soft "nest" is made of a base bed with a mattress and a long cushion with loose ends which can be put where you desire. It is created for both adults and children and comes in 140 different colours.

Pretty cool, huh?


Birkin Wannabes that I Want!

I am not a fan of fake goods or imitation handbags but when someone cleverly turns an iconic handbag like Hermes Birkin bag into something that mimics pop culture, who can honestly resist?

Priced at USD45.00, I can't wait to get my hands on one or two or five of them in different colours. Unfortunately, these aren't available anywhere but Asia (Taipei apparently) and likely won't make it across the ocean to North America if the lawyers for Hermes see them first. For my gals in Hong Kong, keep an eye out for me and grab me one in orange/fuschia/baby blue (in this order of priority) if you can!

Post via Bag Snob


LuLu*s - Italian Ice Top

Yesterday was officially the start of summer but the weather in Vancouver has been unpredictably not very summer-like lately, which is quite a bummer especially since I am starting to see more pretty, summery tops to throw on over a pair of jeans or shorts like this one:

Italian Ice Top (USD41.00)


Marc by Marc Jacobs - Petal to the Metal Flap Pouchette

For the past few months, I've been obsessing over which crossbody shoulder bag to get and finally, after months of browsing, I've decided that this is the one:

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Petal to the Metal Flap Pouchette (CAD220.00 or USD228.00)

** Update: This flap pouchette is actually no bigger than the size of my hand! What can I possibly fit into a bag that small? No thanks. The search for my perfect crossbody shoulder bag continues!


Gap - Butterfly Coverup

Once in a while, if you search hard enough, you find a piece or two worth purchasing from the Gap. This one is a winner for being so darn cute:

The Gap - Butterfly eyelet tunic top (USD24.99 - on sale!)


Miss Ferriday Flirty Romper

What do you get when you combine lace and tropical colours in a romper? This little flirty number:



Some ideas are just too darn cute to pass up. Why didn't I think of turning sticky notes into something more decorative like leaves?

And if I had known about this a few weeks earlier, I might have seriously considered using them as an alternative to a guestbook at our wedding (although our wooden bench as a guestbook was a brilliant idea as well!).

Leaf-It (USD6.00)


Regina B. - Romantic Fringe Handbag

Oh my goodness. How awesome is this flapper-style purse?

Regina B. - Romantic fringe handbag (USD300.00)

Check out the website for all kinds of goodies: http://www.reginab.com.

Repetto + DC Comics = Flash Ballet Flats

There have been some debates amongst fashionistas worldwide about whether Repetto makes comfier flats than French Sole and vice versa. My personal preference is Repetto but only because I believe I was Marie-Antoinette in my past life and am in love with almost anything remotely linked to the French. But even for French Sole fans, you have to agree that the limited edition collaboration between Colette and Warner Bros. is ingenious. I am particularly fond of these "Flash" ballerina shoes:

These ballerina shoes were inspired by the superhero, The Flash and are designed to keep the flash of lightning of his great male powers and to put it in women's feet! You can't make a cuter statement with your shoes than that!

Repetto - Flash ballerina shoes (USD255.25)