Twobirds - Rosette Dress

If you haven't heard of or seen dresses by Twobirds, you probably haven't had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid. Best known for creating one style that can be worn in multiple ways, Twobirds has been a favourite trend in bridal fashion. One of their collections is Rosette, and I absolutely love the bouncy flirtatiousness of this dress:

I think this is definitely not a bridesmaid dress that you'll want to hide in your closet.

Jaya Jelly Sandals

Gladiator jelly sandals?

Diane von Furstenberg - Jaya jelly sandals (CAD75.00)


Olindias Print Cape

Magic happens when clothing becomes art:

What better way to commemorate Alexander McQueen's death than to own one of his artistic creations? This is definitely a keeper and one to treasure for years to come.

Alexander McQueen - Olindias Print Cape (CAD705.00)

Nude Love

My incurable obsession with nude heels continues with this studded-spunky-spiky love:

Christian Louboutin - Engin 120 studded pumps (CAD885.00)

Regina B.

I've gotten a number of questions from brides looking for the perfect hair accessory to wear on their wedding day. Here's a few I selected from Regina B.:

Regina B. is a couture bridal accessory designer in New York City. For these and other creations, have a browse online at: http://www.reginab.com.



Simplify boiling, blanching or steaming bulk food items with this:

No need to pour out the water from the pot. No mess, no fuss! Sold!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini

I don't particularly like large bags because I never have enough stuff to fill up the space and so it ends up looking quite limp and baggy. Small to medium-sized handbags are the most practical for everyday use. So how smart is it that Rebecca Minkoff came up with a mini version of her ever popular Morning After Bag?

The dimensions are 6.5" x 12." x 7". And it comes with a shoulder strap in case you get bored of carrying it in your hand. Oh, and it comes in a variety of colours that make it difficult to choose which one to get!

Rebecca Minkoff - Mini Morning After Bag (USD250.00 and up)


River Rapids Necklace

Turn that plain, simple tank into something splendidly fabulous:

River Rapids Necklace (USD15.99)


Melissa Sapatilha Campana IV Flats

For those hot, humid summer days when you want to wear something light on your feet but don't want to wear flip flops, try these jellies:

Also comes in gold glitter but the gold is an awful yellow. Stick to silver glitter.

Melissa Sapatilha Campana IV Flats (USD 80.00)

Real Bling

Sometimes you get tired of wearing costume jewellery and just want the real thing. This little beauty is indeed real and absolutely beautiful. I love that it's rose gold because the shade is soft yet rich. Best of all, this ring is currently on sale:

Pink amethyst and diamond ring in 14 kt. rose gold (USD850.00)


Queen's Wardrobe

I've never come across this website before but I'm sure glad that I did. Queen's Wardrobe is a site operated by a company in Seoul, Korea. They offer a good selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for very attractive prices. There are too many items that caught my eye and I don't have the patience to upload each and every picture so here's just two that I am currently loving:

Chiffon v-neck blouse (CAD77.00)


Kensie Girl - Lenor Heel

I quite like how the black criss-cross elastic ankle strap nicely contrasts the patent leather shine on these shoes:

Probably not the most flattering look if you don't want to draw attention to your legs but these shoes are definitely fun, flirty and cheap!

Kensie Girl - Lenor (USD48.90)

Encore Love - Christian Louboutin

My fascination and obsession with nude heels continues with this beauty:

Christian Louboutin - Fetilo Mesh & Patent Leather Pumps (USD945.00)


eryn brinie - La Parisienne Blouse

Lace makes everything look so darling:

eryn brinie - La Parisienne Blouse (USD110.00)

Very by Vero Moda

I couldn't resist the temptation of buying this dress:

Yup. The back plunges that deep. I think this dress is oh-so sexy yet demure. I can't wait to dress it up with some funky, chunky, gold jewellery.


Why, oh why, does this have to be sold out in every Ikea store in Vancouver?

I don't care for the black colour of the frame but I do like the intricate details. I just need to get my hands on two of these frames so I can spray paint them gold.

Ikea - UNG DRILL frame (CAD39.99)


Vince Camuto Shootie

I know this peep-toe shootie doesn't look like much on its own but pair it with tight skinny jeans or leggings and voila, it comes to life!

Discover Vince Camuto at: http://www.vincecamuto.com.

St. John

Call me old-fashioned but I absolutely love St. John. The collection pieces are so elegant, sophisticated and classy. I'd be a very happy gal if my entire closet was full of St. John. These 2010 collection pieces remind me a lot of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, my all-time favourite style icon:

See these and more at: http://www.sjk.com.

LOMO Cameras

For those dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images that can look a bit blurred and over-saturated with a variety of colours, try picking up one of these 1960s inspired classic medium-format cameras:

Discover Lomography (USD75.00 - 99.00).



I would like to wear this to an outdoor wedding this summer:

You can't really tell from the picture but the detail on this dress is just exquisite - the top portion of the dress is a corset with a reptile print and the cutout on the front adds just the perfect amount of sex appeal.

Now, I just need to find someone who is getting married on a breezy, sunny day this summer.

Willow - Silk-blend corseted maxi dress (CAD695.00)

Happy weekend everyone!

The Asian in me is loving this clutch:

Inge Christopher - AEGEAN Minaudiere (USD150.00)

Romper/Jumper Love

I think rompers and jumpers (frankly, I don't know what the difference is between the two) should be a uniform for all womankind. Who needs separates when you've got rompers/jumpers that look like separates but come in one piece?

I want to fill up my entire closet with different variations of this - Dots and Dnim Romper (CAD178.00)

Apple Ukulele

Can someone please teach me how to play a ukulele so I can buy this adorable instrument:

Apple ukulele 4 string from yet another Etsy seller.


Gap - Give and Get Program

I haven't been a fan of Gap in a while but I tend to find a few good items for really good prices from time to time. With Gap's Give and Get Program that is on now until Sunday, you get 30% and 5% of the amount you spend goes to a non-profit charity. Who can pass up a deal when there are these cute items to buy:

Have fun saving & shopping!

Jimmy Choo - Clutch

I adore this clutch:

It has a mirrored surface and a chain-link strap. I love how versatile this is - you can dress it up by wearing a cocktail dress with it or dress it down by pairing it with leggings. This gets brownie points for being multi-functional.

Jimmy Choo - Candy Mirrored Clutch (USD495.00)