Johanna Johnson

I do love my wedding dress but if I absolutely had to choose another one, I'd get an amazing art deco-inspired dress designed by the ever-so talented Australian designer, Johanna Johnson. Her dresses are so glamorous, ethereal and old Hollywood-esque that it's hard not to fall in love with her designs. But since I don't absolutely have to purchase another wedding dress, I am thinking about accessorizing my dress with one of Johanna Johnson's vintage-inspired hairpieces:

Viva (AUD440.00)

Lola Cuff (Sold Out)

Garland Crown (AUD580.00)

Cosmo Cap (AUD660.00)

Have a fabulous weekend, whoever you are, wherever you are ...

Coffee Tables

Home of unusual luxury ... that's the vibe I am going for when it comes to decorating our home. We are in search of an interesting coffee table to add to our living room. Here's a few that are truly usual but luxurious:

The Table Aquarium (USD500.00)

Chic Coffee Table (USD400.00)

Globe Light Table (USD850.00)

Find these here: http://www.opulentitems.com/.

H&M - Garden Collection

Mark your calendars for this one: 03. 25. 2010.

H&M is launching its eco-friendly Garden Collection - everything is made from environmentally adapted materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, organic linen, and tencel. The collection is inspired by romanticism and sustainability and every garment will cost under USD60.00.

I am not a fan of floral patterns but here are my top picks:

Find it on: http://www.hm.com/ca.

Jimmy Choo - Quinze

Hello beautiful ... could you be mine?

Coming soon - Jimmy Choo's Quinze (€1295) http://www.jimmychoo.com


Princess Palace Playhouse Bed

If I become a millionaire and have a daughter or two to spoil, this is what I would buy:

Yup, those are spiral staircases leading to a balcony and a princess bed underneath. This custom designed princess palace playhouse bed is truly a fairytale with a price tag of USD47,000.00.

If you have a lot of cash to blow and children to spoil, have a look on: http://poshtots.com.

Flats Part 1

I used to love wearing high heels. And I still do on special occasions but I am always looking for the perfect, most universal pair of flats that I can wear all-year around for any occasion. So this is the first of many parts that I intend to post on beautiful, wearable flats. The other day I saw and fell in love with these:

Puma Rudolf Dassler Damenwhal (USD121.00). Unfortunately, this is last year's model and I can't seem to find it anywhere (at least not in my size). But these oxfords could be a very good alternative:

Reptilian Sheen Oxfords (CAD168.00) - Available at: http://www.anthropologie.com.

Cardboard Safari

I want a hand-carved, wooden deer head mount to hang over my fireplace. But the last time I checked the price of one, these things sell for CAD5,000.00 and up. So here's how I'm going to get what I want without breaking the bank:

These are made out of recycled cardboard and laser-cut for precision fit and easy assembly using slotted construction and sold by Cardboard Safari on Etsy.com (another site that you should bookmark if you've never heard of it before). And because they are made out of cardboard, you can decorate them with paint, glitter, wrapping paper or other carft materials. I'm going to paint mine in gold.

Unfortunately, Cardboard Safari's shop is closed at the moment but I plan on being at the front of the line when they re-open for business.
Go have a look and dig for hidden treasures on Etsy.com: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CardboardSafari.


Dolly Forever Barbie

No matter what our age, I guess there's always a little girl in all of us ... which is why I am tempted to part with 150.00 of my hard earned money to buy this:

Christian Louboutin has paired up with Barbie to create a glamorous line of limited edition dolls. This Dolly Forever Barbie is the second doll in Louboutin's Barbie collector's set and is available at NET-A-PORTER.COM from March 3, 2010.

I'm totally digging the thigh-high fringed fuchsia boots.


After living in both London and Vancouver, an umbrella has become a regular accessory for me. But black umbrellas are oh-so boring, which is why I was super excited to come across this new, interesting and colorful umbrella:

the dry Squidarella

A Squidarella is a color changing umbrella. It starts with a black and white design, but each drop of rain that falls on it reveals the bright colours underneath until the whole design is transformed. The technology behind the ink used to create this umbrella is quite fascinating - the ink is responsible for the color morphing and is truly one of a kind. Squidarellas have been picked up both by the Tate Modern in London and the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

the wet Squidarella

This particular pattern is called the "Bird Squirt Squidarella" (USD38.00).

Chanel 2010

Mark your calendar: 02. 25. 2010 (which is tomorrow!)

Move over lipgloss. Chanel is bringing lipstick back with the launch of Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour. Rouge Coco (USD30.00), which will be replacing Chanel's existing Hydrabase line. There are 30 shades in total, all inspired by Coco Chanel's life. I'm going to get my lips on Paris, a bright red.
And here's another cool limited edition offered by Chanel - Les Trompe L'oeil de Chanel:

This is a set of 55 individual transfer tattoos modeled after Chanel's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Get them while you can @ Chanel (USD75.00)


The Roller

Gladiator sandals are just not my thang. I think too many leather straps around my ankles aren't all that flattering. But The Roller by Jeffrey Campbell is a chic take on gladiator sandals with its tame, 1.5 inch wedge heel and amazing cutouts. I especially love the soft golden hue:

Jeffrey Campbell - The Roller (USD115.00) http://needsupply.com/womens/new-items/roller.html.

Get'em before me!

Chalkboard Clock

Could I please have this on my kitchen wall? I promise to doodle and write messages on it every single day, without fail:

Black + Blum Time Square Magnetic Chalkboard Clock (£58.69) - http://www.fishingfordesign.com/

Random Lovin'

The next time I want to dress up a simple tank, I'd like to slip this baby on:

Marni Beaded Neckpiece (USD30.00)

And if I get cold wearing just my simple tank, I'd like to pull this uber classy-yet-casually-sexy jacket on:

Draped Rebecca Jacket in Charcoal (USD78.00)

Both are available on: http://www.shopnastygal.com (and don't judge the name of the website ... it actually has a few unique and interesting items if you devote some time to browse carefully).


Iconic Panels

I love wallpaper on an accent wall. The more intricate and gaudy, the better. But here's a very cool alternative to traditional wallpaper:

These are iconic panels made out of laminate over a carved wood core. They can be sawn, nailed, screwed, glued or simply mounted on walls. How cool would it be to have an accent wall decorated with iconic panels? Very, very cool.

Have fun browsing on: http://www.bnind.com.

Oh, Pablo!

Pablo Pardo's Cortina Lamp is a timeless architectural piece of lighting that exemplifies simplicity at its best. Its clear acrylic shade uses a translucent fabric diffusor to shield the lamp's dual halogen light source. Available in 48", 60" and 72" models (USD220.00 - 490.00):

And if this bench ever goes on sale, I'd like to snatch it up (or two or three) and add it to my home:

Pablo Pardo - The Light Table 52 Bench (USD760.00)

One-piece Swimsuit Love

One-piece swimsuits never looked sexier:
Insight - Fantasy Island Swimsuit (USD98.00). Available at: http://www.shopnastygal.com.

J. Crew - Jersey Lomellina ruffled tank (USD175.00)

J. Crew - Pindot underwire tank (USD80.00). Both J. Crew swimsuits are available at: http://www.jcrew.com/.


Eye Makeup Must-Haves

If you don't already have an account with MakeupAlley, you need to sign up for one here: http://www.makeupalley.com. Among other things, MakeupAlley offers member generated reviews on all sorts of beauty products so it's a great place to do some research on a product before you buy it. And if you're a product junkie like me and love trying out new products, you'll definitely want to visit MakeupAlley to do your due diligence before adding to your beauty arsenal.

Two products I've stumbled across while reading reviews on MakeupAlley are now a staple in my makeup bag. A pencil eyeliner that goes on smooth and stays put for a ridiculous amount of time yet is very easy to remove is Bourjois Liner Stylo:

This liner even comes with a built-in sharpener. I haven't had any luck finding a store that sells this in Vancouver (not even Sephora!) so I've been purchasing them off Ebay but the price should range between CAD8.00 - CAD12.00.

I don't use expensive mascara because I was once told by a makeup artist that drugstore brands are just as good (if not better) than the department store brands. I stick to L'Oreal or Maybelline and use waterproof mascara because the same makeup artist told me that waterproof mascara has better curling power for Asian eyelashes. But one item that I do splurge on is Clarin's Double Fix Mascara. A few swipes of this on top of my waterproof mascara seals it in place and come rain or shine, I don't have to worry about having raccoon eyes. You can also use it on its own to hold curls in place.

Clarins Double-Fix Mascara (CAD22.00 - 24.00)



ModCloth sells vintage-inspired pieces by indie designers. Although I am not a fan of vintage clothing, I think a little touch of inspiration from the years gone by can add a certain "je ne sais quoi" that I crave. I am currently on a waitlist to purchase this:

I love the slightly puffed sleeves and the two button scarf collar - Cosine Sweater (USD59.99)

And while browsing, I came aross these other gems:

Southern Wind Trench Coat (USD87.99)

Emerald City Dress (USD179.99)

It's All Navy Dress (USD64.99)

These and other goodies can be found at:
http://www.modcloth.com but hurry! Most pieces are offered in limited quantities.

Couture Garters

I am a sucker for all things Parisienne. Anything antique, flowery, lacey, gold and pastel-coloured things that look like they belong in Versailles are exactly the things that I am most attracted to. So it's no wonder I can't bring myself to purchase just the usual baby blue or pink satin garter to wear on my wedding day. Nah-uh. I want these adorable, handmade couture garters by Florrie Mitton:

Je t'aime Lace Garter (USD55.00)

Aphrodite Beaded Garter (USD58.00)

Eden Lace Garter (USD55.00)