Coco Cocoon

It sounds a bit cliché coming from a twenty thirty-something year-old self-proclaimed fashionista but I can't help but profess the truth: I love Chanel.

And I love Chanel even more now thanks to the Chanel Coco Cocoon handbag line which was launched in October 2009. The reversible, puffed, quilted tote looks like a stylishly bundled-up sleeping bag and is reversible from grey horizontal quilting to dark red diamond quilting.

Coco Cocoon comes in lambskin and nylon, and normally, I would recommend against purchasing luxury items made out of nylon but in this case, nylon wins hands down over lambskin. Why? Because the most fabulous part about nylon is that it is unbelievably lightweight. Even after stuffing a pair of running shoes, empty Pyrex glassware and thick cardigan, Coco Cocoon (in nylon) remains incredibly weightless.

For those of us gals who can't stand the weight of leather handbags (however fabulous they may be), the Coco Cocoon in nylon is definitely a keeper.

For less than CAD1,500.00 (including tax), it isn't exactly cheap but if you are a true lover of Chanel or if you've always wanted to own a Chanel, this is an everyday bag and one that you will reach for more often than a Chanel classic flap bag.

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