Nude Love - Jimmy Choo 24:7 Collection

For almost 6 months now, I have been on a hunt for the most perfect pair of nude heels. I think nude heels are just about the most sexiest and versatile pair of heels a woman can own. It elongates your legs and can be warn pretty much with any colour for any occasion.

After months of due diligence, I finally made up my mind and committed my mind, body and soul to purchasing a pair of Christian Louboutin's nude patent leather pumps but these came across my radar and suddenly, my commitment to Louboutins has been shaken:

These are Jimmy Choo's Private patent leather sandals from the 24:7 Collection. Not for everyday wear but my gosh, the little peep toe design does add just the right amount of sex appeal to any outfit. What's a girl to do ... Louboutins or Choos. Dilemma, dilemma.
Jimmy Choo 24:7 Collection - Private Patent Leather Sandals (USD950.00)

** Updated: Here's a pic of the Louboutin pumps (just for you J-l!):


  1. Post a picture of the Louboutins, svp!


  2. I like the Louboutins - classic pumps in a classic colour.

    But the Choo's? There's no denying the sex appeal in those babies!