Vera Wang - Spring 2011 Collection

Can I just say ... how beautiful these gowns are?

I love the softness of the ruffles in each dress. Looks almost cotton-candy-ish-cloud-like. And though the dresses seem quite simple in the pictures, you'll be amazed at the amount of detail that you can see in each layer of the dress. Absolutely stunning.



Lovely People - Cash Yellow Sandal

I've been quite lazy about updating only because I haven't come across anything that I really like. And it seems that if I post something that I only kinda half-like, my soon-to-be sister-in-law leaves me a so-so comment or lets me know in other ways that my post sucked. So I've decided to be more critical and selective.

Here's one that caught my eye today as I was browsing online. I love the detailed ruffles and the colour yellow. Black sandals are sooooo out of date now. Add some spunk to your feet with bright coloured heels! Perfect for a night out on a warm, summer night.

Lovely People - Cash Yellow sandals (USD140.00)


Petit Coussin Beurre

I want to have this and eat it too:

By MaxiGlob.


Melissa Odabash

Is this a two-piece or a bikini? Either way, it is goddess glamour on vacation:

Melissa Odabash - Phuket cutout swimsuit (CAD340.00)

Baroque Bookshelves

I am a framer's daughter and that may explain why I am so obsessed with frames. The more ornate, the better. I rummage through garage sales and antique markets looking for beaten up, intricate, old frames that I can convert into something magnificent. But I never thought a bookshelf could be framed:

Comes in black metallic and each book shelf is open at the side. An absolutely adorable alternative to display books while at the same time adding a decorative flare to boring walls!

Baroque Bookshelves (GBP45.00 - 78.00)


Mary Beyer - Gloved Glamour

While in Paris, I found myself strangely attracted to gloves. We don't normally see stores dedicated solely to gloves in North America (which is a shame since the majority of Canadians are thrown into frigid weather during the long winter months) so I was curious when I discovered Mary Beyer, a French designer who works with brilliantly colored and textured leathers featuring interesting details. Her pieces are reminiscent of an era when gloves were an essential part of a lady's everyday wardrobe.

Mary Beyer works exclusively out of her boutique in Paris where she also creates couture pieces for the city's chicest women.

Monique Lhuillier 2011 Spring Collection

Monique Lhuillier has done it again.

I gasped when I saw photos of her 2011 spring collection. This was then quickly followed by a loud moan because of the sheer gorgeousness of some of the wedding dresses that are simply breathtakingly beautiful. I moaned because I've already bought my wedding dress and I can't and won't cheat on my wedding dress. But gosh, if I was getting married later this year, I would've loved to see these dresses in person:

Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty: The Ultimate Wedding Blog - an indispensable resource for brides.

Zimmermann Sexy Swimsuits

Who needs to bother with a two-piece bikini to look and feel sexy when you've got Zimmermann creating structured one-piece swimsuits that look like a stunning evening gown (minus the bottom)?

Zimmerman - Thorn corset swimsuit (CAD230.00) has a corset-back detail.

Zimmermann - Strapless orchid twist swimsuit (CAD245.00) redefines poolside glamour.

Orchid Bloom Wedge

Apologies for the sudden halt in my blog updates. You see, sometimes real work gets in the way and sucks all the fun out of being able to happily browse online during office hours. But work seems to be back under control so back to our regularly scheduled programming with this cute find:

Orchid Bloom Wedge (USD79.99)


Erickson Beamon

I so badly want this mesh bracelet:

I think I can totally rock it. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere. But for other phenomenal pieces by Erickson Beamon, check out Net-A-Porter.com.

Kotur Mosaic Mirror Clutch

Want an unconventional-looking clutch to accessorize your outfit for the evening? Skip the glitter and choose this:

And it's on sale from 650 pounds to 150 pounds! Very tempting but I'm afraid my wallet and bank account has suffered a terrible blow after my trip to Paris.

Wooden Collage Frame

I would love to get my hands on this to put all the pretty photos we took during our trip to Paris this past week:

Hand-painted in gorgeous, eye-popping red, this frame can hold 14 photos ... but I think it would look much more interesting to jam in as many photos as you can, especially when you have 200+ photos as I do.

Wooden Collage Frame (USD275.00)


Paris - Je t'aime!

This will be me in exactly 32 hours:

Have a fabulous week whoever you are. I shall be back with lotsa goodies to share.

Photo from The Sartorialist - my inspiration for blogging.

Mademoiselle Haute Couture Floor Lamp

I have been rummaging through antique shops and second-hand stores looking for unique lamps and light fixtures. I got lucky and found an art deco lamp for CAD35.00 this past weekend. But here's a thought: combine a statute with a lamp and voila, this is what you get:

This Mademoiselle stands glamorously six feet tall and wears knee-high boots and a tight-fitting cocktail dress cast in quality resin with black faux leather finish. She gets turned on by a 60-watt bulb.

Mademoiselle Haute Couture Floor Lamp (USD375.00)

Entrelaces Ring

Apologies for the sparse updates but it has been hectic trying to get everything in order before leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning. I intend to put up at least a post or two before my 7-day hiatus but in case I don't, this will have to suffice:

The simplicity of the knot is what makes this ring so desirable. Comes in yellow gold, pink gold and white gold.

Cartier - Entrelaces ring (USD850.00)


Fleur-de-Lis Drinkware

Ah, fleur de lis. Symbolic of the French monarchy. These embellished cups are perfect for adding a touch of royalty to our every day drinking experience:

Fleur-de-Lis Drinkware (USD22.00 - 30.00)


ASOS Dress

I have found yet another gem:

ASOS - Digital Gemstone Slinky One Shoulder Dress (USD94.02)

The Young & The Strapless

It's not easy finding a dress that would make you stand out in a crowd without spending loads of money. I mean, who can't shop without a budget? So I scour websites and racks in random stores looking for one-of-a-kind-ish, beautiful dresses for all occasions. Here's a gem I just found:

I prefer it if it was three inches longer (I despise the mid-thigh, cocktail waitress look) but nevertheless, it looks pretty darn regal for USD117.99.

The Young & The Strapless Dress (USD117.99)


Tom Binns

These are some of Tim Binns' stunning creations:

Statement piece? Yeah, I'd say so!

Lace Up Oxford Flats

A softer and more feminine take on this spring's Oxford shoes trend:

Luxury Rebel - Lace Up Oxford Flats (USD200.00)


Vincent Olm

Is it a shelf or console? It's Wallpaper - a functional reinterpretation of a purely decorative object.

Comes in a variety of solid colours.

I like.