Judson Beaumont - Straight Line Designs

Who would've thought that the works of a super talented furniture designer is available right here in Vancouver, BC? Judson Beaumont channels his inner child through his works of art.

How can you not fall in love with these magical pieces that look like they came straight out of your dreams?

Judson Beaumont - Straight Line Designs (Inquire about pricing and when you find out the price, please let me know!)


BCBG - One Shoulder Tulle Gown

It's that time of the year again! Christmas parties, black-tie events and other holiday celebrations. For us gals, it's all about finding the right dress and trying to avoid recycling old dresses. Here's one that I have my eye on:

BCBG - One-shoulder Tulle Gown (USD788.00)


chip chop! - so you think you're from france

Yes, I most certainly think I am from France.


Cream of the Cropped Jacket (AUD189.00)

Polkadot Blazer (AUD159.00)


Nine West - Cassie

Peep toe, high-heeled oxford in light brown mesh at a price of CAD130.00:

Cassie - Nine West

Veronica Beard - One Jacket, 7 Ways

Veronica Beard, a new line of tailored jackets debuting for the fall/winter 2010 season, is the brainchild of sisters-in-law, Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard. This duo has set out to define the daily uniform, starting with the "Jacket" with interchangeable dickeys that can be worn in 7 different ways:

An interesting concept but with a price tag of USD945.00 per jacket, you'd think it includes all 7 dickeys but nope, it only comes with one. Six different styles of jackets are available at Veronica Beard.


Christian Louboutin - Petite Fee 100mm Booties

Perfectly laced up and undeniably sexy:

Christian Louboutin - Petite Fee 100mm Booties (CAD1,365.00)


Tory Burch - Patterson Boot

During the winter, I practically live in a pair of tights and an over-sized sweater. And since I can't wear my flats when it starts to rain during the winter months in Vancouver, I am forced to find a comfy replacement. I am proud to say that I've found one:

Tory Burch - Patterson Leather Boot and Flannel Patterson Boot (USD495.00)


Thigh High Socks

According to the New York Magazine, sky high socks are one of the latest fashion trends for this fall. But not everyone can pull this look off without looking like a Japanese school girl. So if you are thinking about following this trend, here are a few tips:

(1) Avoid pairing thigh high socks with mary janes or high heels and anything patent leather-ish. Instead, opt for ankle or knee high boots.
(2) Pair these with soft and flowy clothing and pull on a chunky knit or cardigan.
(3) Oh, and for goodness sake, avoid argyle socks - they are neither cute nor trendy!

Tulle Dresses - Ouma

For every girl everywhere who wants to be a princess:

These dresses are custom-made according to exact measurements and can be hand-dyed if you prefer a splash of colour. While I was browsing through their collection, I came across this little number that just screams adorable, cute fun:

Ouma Clothing by ouma on Etsy.


Céline - Boston Tote

Meet my current bag obsession - Céline Boston Tote:

It also comes in other colours but I am particularly fond of the blue (pictured above) and the red but it doesn't matter because it is sold out pretty much everywhere. Oh well, it gives me more time to save up for one!

Céline - Boston Tote (CAD2,500)

Aruna Seth - Butterfly Love

Remind me again why I no longer live in the UK? Oh, that's right. I met the love of my life and ended up settling in Canada. But it's times like this when I wish I was still living in my 350-square foot apartment from a stone's throw away from the London Bridge. *sigh*

Meet Aruna Seth - the next Tamara Mellon but with all the actual shoe-making talent. Her shoes are exquisitely designed and beautifully embellished. They say her shoes are extremely comfortable due to a special padding. I am currently loving her sparkling crystal butterfly line:

Aruna Seth - Price ranges between £195.00 - £470.00


My Scratch Map

I want this scratch-off map - mounted and framed but without glass:


Linvin - The Queen of Love Red Passion

Absolutely love the idea of adding a splash of colour in the livingroom to give it a modern feel. What better to do it than with a brightly coloured throne fit for a queen?

Livin - The Queen of Love (USD1,050.00)


Sarah Louise Dix - Couture Upholstery

I've always wanted to fill up my living room with one-off pieces because the idea of matching furniture in one space seems rather dull and boring. I quite like the idea of re-upholstering antique chairs and mixing old with new, which is exactly the reason why I absolutely adore these vintage, mid-century modern furniture by Sarah Louise Dix:

Inspired by the construction and form of clothing, these pieces include elements such as corsetry or even entire incorporated garments. Prices range from CAD800.00 and up but really, how can you put a price on such modern guilty couture pleasure?


Hem Gems

I am a born again lover of flats.

I used to always wear heels no matter how much they pinched my toes or how many blisters I got from wearing them all the time, everywhere. But having lived in the UK where the streets aren't quite heel-friendly, I was forced to try wearing flats. I started off with baby steps, slipping into flats on my way to and from work but wearing heels in the office. Although I felt stubby and somewhat less polished in flats, after a while, I started to wear flats all the time. Unfortunately, not all my trousers and jeans are hemmed to my flat-shoe length so I've had to choose which trousers and jeans to shorten to match my flats and which to keep long to wear with my heels. And the choice hasn't always been easy - I know of two pairs of jeans that are in my closet that haven't been shortened because I want to wear them with both my flats and heels. At times, I've also been guilty of wearing my heel-length jeans with my flats and letting my jeans drag.

Enter Hem Gems - Stylized pins that allow you to temporarily hem your trousers without having to pay a tailor or forgo the instant gratification of getting trousers the right length:

Available in rivets or pyramid studs in packs of 8 for USD19.99.


Goody - Spin Pin

I have long, straight, thick hair. I love to wear it down most of the time but more often than not, my hair gets rolled up into a bun in the afternoon. But other than just using a boring black elastic band to hold my hair up, I don't use other hair accessories because most of them look too tacky (in my humble opinion). So when I came across Goody's spin pin, I was intrigued because it is very simple in design and, based on the reviews, it supposedly works. I went searching for it all over local drugstores and Wal-Mart but couldn't find one to try. Then when I was in Seattle this past weekend, I ran into a Wal-Mart and found one but only in the blonde colour (which is a brassy, gold colour). I ended up buying one just to try and ... boy, this spin pin really works!

All you need to do is gather your hair into a pony tail (no elastic required), twist it into a bun and spin one pin through the bun and another one through without crossing the other pin. No other pins or elastics required. It stays put and looks better than using an elastic band! Now only if I can find these in the brunette colour ... then I'd buy at least half a dozen!

Tory Burch - Foldable Shield Sunglasses

This is such a brilliant idea - foldable sunglasses that can be slipped into our small clutches and handbags! No more having to rest your sunglasses on your head or over your shirt because the sunglass case won't fit into your purse.

Tory Burch - Foldable Shield Sunglasses (USD175.00)


AC Milano by Jeffrey Campbell

Remember back when wooden clogs were like the coolest thing ever? Well, they are baaaaack but this time, they are super sleek and a lot less chunky. Slip these on with a pair of tights or those funky ankle and knee-length socks that are all the rage for this fall:


You Are Awesome - Necklace

Because it's always awesome to be told that you are awesome:

Hand-made sterling silver necklace by yellowgoat on Etsy (USD83.00)


One Shoulder Black Dresses by Theia

I've avoided purchasing black dresses because, well, they can be very dull and boring to wear to black-tie events or cocktail parties (who wants to blend in with the crowd? Not me!) so it is refreshing when I come upon black dresses that gets my adrenaline going. Here's one that I am totally in love with (minus the black belt - it cuts the flow of the dress!):

And a shorter, flirty cocktail version:

Belted Black Cocktail Dresses by Theia (USD595.00)


Trumpette - Baby Gift Boutique

Buying a gift for a child has become so much more complex in this materialistic world in which we reside. But there are some good websites out there dedicated to feeding our addiction for brand names and fashion even for newborns and toddlers. I came across Trumpette, a baby gift boutique that sells extremely cute items (mostly socks, tights and shoes) that you may not find in your local stores. Here are some of my favourite picks:

Metallic Mocs - (USD31.50)

Silly Soles - (USD38.50)
Toddler Jenny Golf - (USD29.50)


Enveloppe Sofa

Is it a bed or a sofa? A bit of both it seems.
Enveloppe Sofa is designed by Inga Sempe and mimics a bed with pillows. This fluffy and soft "nest" is made of a base bed with a mattress and a long cushion with loose ends which can be put where you desire. It is created for both adults and children and comes in 140 different colours.

Pretty cool, huh?


Birkin Wannabes that I Want!

I am not a fan of fake goods or imitation handbags but when someone cleverly turns an iconic handbag like Hermes Birkin bag into something that mimics pop culture, who can honestly resist?

Priced at USD45.00, I can't wait to get my hands on one or two or five of them in different colours. Unfortunately, these aren't available anywhere but Asia (Taipei apparently) and likely won't make it across the ocean to North America if the lawyers for Hermes see them first. For my gals in Hong Kong, keep an eye out for me and grab me one in orange/fuschia/baby blue (in this order of priority) if you can!

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