Hem Gems

I am a born again lover of flats.

I used to always wear heels no matter how much they pinched my toes or how many blisters I got from wearing them all the time, everywhere. But having lived in the UK where the streets aren't quite heel-friendly, I was forced to try wearing flats. I started off with baby steps, slipping into flats on my way to and from work but wearing heels in the office. Although I felt stubby and somewhat less polished in flats, after a while, I started to wear flats all the time. Unfortunately, not all my trousers and jeans are hemmed to my flat-shoe length so I've had to choose which trousers and jeans to shorten to match my flats and which to keep long to wear with my heels. And the choice hasn't always been easy - I know of two pairs of jeans that are in my closet that haven't been shortened because I want to wear them with both my flats and heels. At times, I've also been guilty of wearing my heel-length jeans with my flats and letting my jeans drag.

Enter Hem Gems - Stylized pins that allow you to temporarily hem your trousers without having to pay a tailor or forgo the instant gratification of getting trousers the right length:

Available in rivets or pyramid studs in packs of 8 for USD19.99.

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