Céline - Boston Tote

Meet my current bag obsession - Céline Boston Tote:

It also comes in other colours but I am particularly fond of the blue (pictured above) and the red but it doesn't matter because it is sold out pretty much everywhere. Oh well, it gives me more time to save up for one!

Céline - Boston Tote (CAD2,500)

Aruna Seth - Butterfly Love

Remind me again why I no longer live in the UK? Oh, that's right. I met the love of my life and ended up settling in Canada. But it's times like this when I wish I was still living in my 350-square foot apartment from a stone's throw away from the London Bridge. *sigh*

Meet Aruna Seth - the next Tamara Mellon but with all the actual shoe-making talent. Her shoes are exquisitely designed and beautifully embellished. They say her shoes are extremely comfortable due to a special padding. I am currently loving her sparkling crystal butterfly line:

Aruna Seth - Price ranges between £195.00 - £470.00


My Scratch Map

I want this scratch-off map - mounted and framed but without glass:


Linvin - The Queen of Love Red Passion

Absolutely love the idea of adding a splash of colour in the livingroom to give it a modern feel. What better to do it than with a brightly coloured throne fit for a queen?

Livin - The Queen of Love (USD1,050.00)