Oh, Pablo!

Pablo Pardo's Cortina Lamp is a timeless architectural piece of lighting that exemplifies simplicity at its best. Its clear acrylic shade uses a translucent fabric diffusor to shield the lamp's dual halogen light source. Available in 48", 60" and 72" models (USD220.00 - 490.00):

And if this bench ever goes on sale, I'd like to snatch it up (or two or three) and add it to my home:

Pablo Pardo - The Light Table 52 Bench (USD760.00)


  1. The Light Table 52 Bench would make the perfect runway at my house...I'm a top model in training. Do you know what stores in Vancouver carry Pablo Pardo?

  2. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any stores in Vancouver that carry Pablo Pardo. But try and email them at: info@pablodesigns.com.

    Thanks for your comment!