If you haven't heard of LuLu*s, you've been missing out on some great deals and cheap finds. Ever since I came across their website a couple of years ago, my hunger for affordable and trendy items but not-so-mainstream-and-cheap-looking-as-H&M has been satiated by periodically visiting and purchasing items on http://www.lulus.com/
I will be posting items from this website from time to time but bookmark it for your personal enjoyment. Here are the goodies that I found today and will be purchasing for my personal enjoyment:

LuLus - New Scene Top by Collective Concepts (USD44.00)

LuLus - Martha's Vineyard Jacket (USD42.00)

LuLus - Chasing the Blues Top (USD27.00)

LuLus - Report Leon Gold Girly Oxford in Perforated Mixed Leather (USD66.00)

Total for all goodies - US179.00!!!


  1. lulus.com is the best site ever !! -almost better than this blog !! haha...how come you didn't tell us earlier??

  2. Stay tuned. More hidden websites and goodies to be revealed!