Canada Goose Parkas

I can't stand the cold. If I had to choose between being stuck on a sweltering summer day without air conditioning or standing outside on a freezing cold winter day, I would choose the former. And being an ex-Torontonian, I get a lot of comments from people when they find out how little tolerance I have when it comes to the cold weather. "But you are from Toronto! You should, like, be immune to freezing temperatures!" Umm ... nope. I hate being cold.

One of the reasons why I despise the winter season (apart from the cold temperature) is the fact that you can't look fashionable if you want to be warm. I've stayed away from purchasing parkas for this very reason - I do hate the cold but I'd much rather freeze a bit than look like the Michelin Man. This season, I found an answer to my problem: Canada Goose. Not only are their parkas super warm but their Trillium style (which is the one I bought) has a coyote fur trim and is slightly fitted around the waist so it looks oh-so much more fashionable than any other parka I've tried on. And I just found out that Canada Goose has upgraded their Trillium style to all duck down fill (mine was only 60%) so it is even more super duper warm.

Canada Goose - Trillium Parka (CAD490.00 - 520.00)

Don't be fooled by other designs like this Expedition Parka. It is much bulkier around the waist BUT you do get the Canada Goose logo on the front (which is missing on the Trillium Parka).

If I could purchase another Canada Goose, I'd go for this Kensington Parka because it is similar to the Trillium but is slimmer and slightly longer (but still no Canada Goose logo on the front) AND Canada Goose has also upgraded this to all duck down fill.

Tip: Canada Goose Parkas are high in demand. Call around for retailers who carry the style you want and have them preorder it for you before the season starts (usually in September). If you wait until the winter season, almost all of their popular styles will be out of stock by November of each year so think ahead and purchase one earlier.

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